Pemaco Ultra-Sonic Cleaner #1


General Purpose Cleaner

Pemaco brand Ultra-Sonic Cleaner #1 is a highly concentrated formula designed to remove buffing compound, food particles, pumice, rouge, tripoli and all types of soils from dentures, bridges, crowns, orthodontic appliances, aspirator tips, burs, diamonds, glass slabs, Instruments, and more. This solution can also be used as an ultra-sonic conductor when used with other ultra-sonic cleaners in a glass beaker.

• General purpose ultra-sonic cleaner
• Highly concentrated formula

Indication for use: Removing all types of soils from Dentures, Bridges, Crowns, Orthodontic Apppliances, Aspirator Tips, Burs, Diamonds, Glass Slabs, Instruments, etc.

Sizes: 1 Gallon Jug

Directions: Mix 1 part USC-1 with 10 parts water, clean 2-3 minutes depending on soil. Rinse well with water.