Model 3D Pro from Garreco Print is perfect for manufacturing highly accurate dental models, dies, and aligner models. This high-accuracy colored resin is optimized for Mask Stereolithography (MSLA), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers. This resin has been developed and validated in collaboration with dental companies and professionals in order to meet the high expectations in this disruptive market.

• Excellent dimensional stability
• High detail and matte surface
• Low shinkage and odor

Product Description: Model 3D Pro Grey is a matte, grey opaque colored photopolymer. Its matte surface finish accentuates depth and detail in dental models, which accommodates a perfect view on undercuts and other important markers. In addition, 3D-printed models from Model 3D Pro are excellent for crown & bridge build-ups. 3D-printed parts from this material have exceptional dimensional stability and extremely low shrinkage during printing. Model 3D Pro is easy to use on all open source SLA, MSLA and DLP 3D printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. This material has excellent properties like low shrinkage and low odor, accuracy and dimensional stability, making it perfect for the production of dental models, C&B, thermoforming and aligner models.

3D-Printer Compatibility: Asiga® Max and 4K, Ackuretta Dentiq, Photon® and Phrozen® Series, Open 385 – 420nm LCD /MSLA, DLP and SLA 3D-printers

Sizes: 1kg (1000g)

Color: Grey




3D Printer Compatibility

Printer nameCompatible?
Miicraft PrimeYes
Miicraft UltraYes
Asiga Max UVYes
Asiga Pro 4KYes
Shining3D AccuFab-L4DYes
MakeX M-One Pro 70Yes
Ackuretta DentiqYes
Ackuretta Freeshape 120Yes
Anycubic PhotonYes
Anycubic Photon MonoYes
Anycubic Photon Mono SEYes
Anycubic Photon Mono XYes
Elegoo MarsYes
Elegoo Mars 2Yes
Elegoo Mars 3Yes
Elegoo SaturnYes
Phrozen Sonic Mini 4KYes
Phrozen SeriesPreliminary settings
Peopoly Phenom PrimeYes
Creality Halot-OneYes
Prusa SL1SpeedYes
Moonray S & DNot compatible
Formlabs Form2Not compatible

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