Blast abrasives are used for divesting and cleaning dental appliances and available in popular sizes



Garreco Aluminum Oxide blast abrasives are among the finest in the world and used for divesting and cleaning of appliances. Our 99.6% pure (white) and 96% pure (brown) electro-fused Aluminum Oxide abrasives are machine-sized and computer-scanned to provide uniform particle size. Available in popular sizes and packed with desiccant to prevent moisture absorption.

• Easy to use
• Saves time
• Ultimate performance
• Multiple sizes for different applications

Indication for use: Divesting/cleaning of appliances

Sizes: 2lb, 6 x 2lb, 25lb, 50lb

*Metric units available for international customers. Please inquire.

Particle size (white): 25, 50, 60, 100, 110, 250 microns

Particle size (brown): 50 microns

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