Tabletop WitchCRAFT recently featured Garreco’s Merlin’s Magic, a hobby stone, on their YouTube channel. In this video tutorial, John Lombardi, the channel’s creator, guides viewers on how to craft an exciting tabletop game setting. Players use these types of tabletop boards to enhance their role-playing by placing miniature versions of their characters in fantasy or science fiction scenarios. John shows how he used Garreco’s Merlin’s Magic and a Hirst Arts silicone mold to construct pipes and other pieces for a custom tabletop fantasy dungeon board.

“I was really impressed with this stuff,” John said of Garreco’s Merlin’s Magic Dark Grey hobby stone. While working with the product, John mentioned that if it happened to chip (or get damaged), “it’s not going to show up as much as if it was white.”

“We get some really nice detail with this Merlin’s Magic,” John said after he examined the pieces pulled from the mold, “I’m a fan. Definitely use it again.”

By the end of the video, John crafts a game board tile that immerses the players in a fantasy dungeon scene through the addition of environmental pieces, lighting effects, and parts constructed with Merlin’s Magic hobby stone.

The video showcases how Garreco products including Merlin’s Magic hobby stone can be used to craft pieces for tabletop games, hobby, and other art projects.

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